Heated Hand Grips

Heated grips are one of the better investments for your bike, without comfortable warm hands it is impossible to control your bike well. For extra warmth they can also be combined with handguards to reduce wind.

I have installed Heated handgrips on Honda VTR250, XR400, CBF250, CB400 and now finally for a how to on the 2011 Honda CBR250R. All these bikes have the same similar rear accessory plug.

Firstly choose your heated grips, my choice is a variably adjustable dial variety approximately $100AUD it turns on when your bike is on and off when you are done, because some people have smaller hands I will be using this with cheaper stick on undergrip heating pads, also for installation these can fit some throttle tubes better, am even unsure if  standard molded grips would fit 2011 CBR250R

I did try some digital button type from OXFORD that was meant to plug and play, they say and be wired straight to the battery and automatically turn off before flattening battery, however when I did forget to turn it off due to fiddly buttons it left my bike starter unable to turn over, the company I bought it from gave me no refund and flatly dismissed the product had problems, so I had to throw 2 in the bin.

20130408_172749 20130408_172702


First  pop out the clips and remove the under tail panel, find the wire harness and determine which is accessory power and negative then attach the grip wires, which I have previously attached mini spades to which will connect in.



In caution of the hot electricals on the left side of the bike my cable is routed on the right hand side.








Remove grips, the bar end on mine was seized and attempts with a impact driver resulted in broken head, pliers prevailed, note the dimpled tube, I found this unusual and it may present problems to some installations. A compressed air nozzle was inserted under the grips while wiggling to remove them.

20130408_172504 20130408_170703


To be continued.