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Ride Smart Online – Welcome ridesmartonline.com.auTo help keep you sharp on the road, the TAC has created the Ride Smart program which is full of exercises to help you tune up your riding skills.

I Recommend this to ANYONE who rides Motorcycles or Scooters

Evaluated the CD-ROM personally and wish it was available when I started riding it took around 5 hours, provided a good introduction on things to be more aware of while riding.
Please comment on how you find the online version as I haven’t had time for it, is it 5 hours? or just a sample? any problems please contact me for the CD-ROM.


The CD-ROM which you may feel free to contact me for is great for anyone Learning to drive or teaching someone to drive as well as a good tool to help less confident or able drivers improve.

A great gift for that loved friend or relative that kind of scares you on the road… talk it up… try it yourself…

I was Teaching a friend to DRIVE my CAR and when they started working through the exercises onĀ this CD-ROM I became quite impressed by the additional confidence and awareness they showed.

They also found it exciting and fun, learner materials have improved so much since I started.
Please comment about your experiences with it.

Did I say I liked it!!

Also good if someone has not been driving many years, normally it takes a few years to experience the unexpected hazards that make us better drivers this allows people to experience some of that in a few hours that most will actually enjoy

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