Instructor training and partnerships

I can offer Instructor training or Partnerships with Experienced Instructors on this website and the newer brand website currently being developed.

With an unblemished accident free experience on motorcycles and scooters in Australia, China, Thailand and Indonesia over the past  20 years and having been a riding instructor in my own business for 7 years with over 700 students as well as teaching groups of Australia Post motorcyclists with Honda rider training Australia I feel my experience sets me apart from other training services if you seek to become a motorcycle instructor.

Other benefits as a business partner include training and access to resources to allow you to spend more time earning money and enjoying teaching people to ride without the hassles running a small business usually entails such as advertising, website development, software implementations, documentation design, film making and keeping up with new technologies.

Further to this I offer advisory services for my premium account Instructors and students even those of other instructors.

Please contact me to discuss these matters.

Evan Humble


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